Incomer Circuit Breaker

Incomer Circuit Breaker DB90 is divided into 2000A and 2400A as per breaking capacity:
●Provide overload and short circuit protection;
●Protect persons against indirect contact and installations against insulation faults in the residual current version;
●Provide total discrimination of a surge arrester immediately downstream of the circuit breaker without risk of nuisance tripping in selective residual current version;
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Product Details

Incomer Circuit Breaker DB90 with Gardy Numbers

TypeInSetting CurrentUiRCDIcsSizeGardy No.
2-Pole, 1 Ph+N
APG 215 000
300mAPG 215 300
500mAPG 215 500
30A10/15/20/25/30A230VNone4.5kAAPG 230 000
300mAPG 230 300
500mAPG 230 500
4-Pole, 3 Ph+N
PG 460 000
300mAPG 460 300
500mAPG 460 500

Overall and Dimensions


Side views of Incomer Circuit Breaker DB90

views of db90.jpg

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