BACO Differentiel

Baco Differentiel is applied in both residential and commercial buildings with the following features:
●Provide total discrimination with high sensitivity of 30mA residual current devices installed downstream to that only the feeder with the insulation fault is de-energised;
●Allow installation of a surge arrester immediately downstream of the circuit breaker without risk of breaker nuisance tripping;
●Take into consideration the service quality requirements of certain loads;
●Complies with NF C 62-411 standard and EDF regulations;
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Product Details

Baco Differentiel Dimensions


Baco Differentiel Selection Code

PolesRated Current, AI△n: 30mAI△n: 300mA
210-15-20-25-304 011 314 011 32
230-40-50-604 011 334 011 34
410-15-20-25-304 011 354 011 36
430-40-50-604 011 374 011 38

Side views and packing of Baco Differentiel

views of edf.jpg