System Pro MCB

- Aug 18, 2018-

System Pro MCB can be used for equipment protection, in commercial appliances, protection of control circuits against overcurrent faults, computer equipment and other computer peripheral devices.

●B Characeritsic

Available with SH200 series have rated currents of 6A through 63A in 10 steps, the B time-current curve is designed primarily for use in cable protection applications, instantaneous tripping occurs between approximately 3 to 5 times rated current in 50/60Hz systems.

●C Characteristic

Available with SH200 series with rated currents up through 63A, the C time-current curve is designed for medium magnetic start-up currents, instantaneous tripping occurs between 5 and 10 times rated current in 50/60Hz systems.

●D Characteristic

The new magnetic trip action has an instantaneous trip point of approximately 15 times the breaker rating, thus the SH200 can be a good protective solution for applications involving high in-rush transfomers, motors and other high inductive systems.