MX Shunt Release

- May 04, 2018-

MX Shunt Release is an accessory for remotely controlling the opening. When the power supply voltage is equal to any voltage between 70% and 110% of the rated control power supply voltage, the circuit breaker can be reliably broken. The shunt release is a short-time working system, and the coil energization time cannot generally exceed 1S, otherwise the coil will be blown. Molded Case Circuit Breaker To prevent the coil from burning out, a micro switch is connected in series with the shunt release. When the shunt release is pulled by the armature, the micro switch is switched from the closed state to the open state due to the shunt release. The control line is cut off. Even if the button is manually pressed, the split coil is no longer energized to prevent the coil from being burned. When the circuit breaker is re-engaged, the microswitch returns to the closed position. However, the universal DW45 is shipped from the factory with a set of normally open contacts before the shunt trip coil.