EZC Molded Case Circuit Breaker

- May 22, 2018-

With just 3 sizes of circuit breaker, EZC Molded Case Circuit Breaker is the simple, universal solutio to fit all low-voltage protection needs.

The fixed version is particularly adapted to OEM and building markets, offering optimum performance at a competitive price.

Easy to choose

■From 15A to 400A;

■Up to 35kA at 415V;

■In only three frame sizes;

Easy to install

■Fixed front mounting;

■Bare cables connected through cable lugs, screwed inside the breaker;

Easy to use

■A thermal calibration suitable for MCCB use at 50 degree wuthout derating;

■Positive contact indication for safety and reliabity;

■A smaller case optimized for tight spaces;