Easypact MCCBs

- Jul 25, 2018-

Easypact Molded Case Circuit Breaker is used in the circuits as the protection of any electrical installations not exceeding 35kA/415V, rated currents from 63A to 400A, in particular for residential, buildings and industries from overload and short circuit with the following characteristics and benefits:
●Easy to choose;
●Easy to install;
●Easy to use;
●Panel builders: Economic and competitive solution bringing flexibility, ease of installation and total safety;
●OEMs: High endurance and maintenance free operation assure continuous performance of machines;
Easypact series molded case circuit breakers are the simplest version from Schneider Electric due to its non-adjustable functions, which has been marked as Merlin Gerin, Multi 9 and Schneider these years without any changes of frames.