MX Shunt Trip

MX Shunt Trip is used for remote control of breakers as at voltage signal it starts operating and switches off the breaker to which it is mounted with the following features:
●Rated operating voltage: 230/400V 50/60Hz;
●Electromagnetic coil 100VA for breakers up to 400A;
●Electromagnetic coil 150VA for breakers 630-800A;
●available joining conductors;
●Mounted in a special jack after cover dismounting;
●Connected with the operative system through the provided conductors;
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Product Details

01.pngMX/SHT Shunt Trip operational procedures

1. Turn circuit breaker On/I

2. Energize control circuit

3. Circuit breaker shall trip

Technical Data of MX/SHT

Power supply


50/60Hz: 24-48-100/130-200/240

50Hz: 380/415, 60Hz: 208/277



Operating range

0.7 to 1.1 Un

Consumption, VA or W

Pick-up: 10

Response time, ms


Side views of MX Shunt

views of mx.jpg