MN Shunt Trip

MN Shunt Trip is used to trip the circuit breaker when the control voltage drops below a tripping threshold:
●Tripping threshold between 0.35 and 0.70 times as the rated voltage;
●Circuit breaker closing is possible if the voltage exceeds 0.85 times as the rated voltage. For a lower value, circuit breaker closing can not be guaranteed;
●Circuit breaker tripping by an MN Shunt Trip meets the requirements of Standard IEC 60947-2;
●Connection using wires up to 1.5mm square, to integrated terminal blocks;
●Response time less than 50ms;
●It is abbreviated as MN/UVR;
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Product Details

Introduction of MN Shunt Trip

Time-delay unit for an MN Shunt Trip eliminates nuisance tripping due to transient voltage clips lasting 200ms, it is used in conjunction with.

■A 250VDC MN Shunt Trip, control voltage 220/240VAC;

■A 48VDC MN Shunt Trip, control voltage 48VAC;

MN Shunt Trip brief diagram


Side views of MN Shunt Trip

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