Molded Case Circuit Breaker NSX

Molded Case Circuit Breaker NSX is equipped with TMD thermal-magnetic trip unit or Micrologic 2.0 electronic trip unit to provide protection against short circuit and overload for:
●Distribution systems supplied by transformers;
●Distribution systems supplied by engine generator sets;;
●Long cables in IT and TN systems;
It can be easily installed at all levels in distribution systems, from the main LV switchboard to the subdistribution boards and enclosures.
NSX series MCCBs are the newest version designed by Schneider Electric.

Product Details

Molded Case Circuit Breaker NSX simple test

Press the push to trip button, which will check the trip mechanism is working correctly or not as the table below.

01Close circuit breakerI/On
02Press push to trip button: circuit breaker trips
03Move toggle switch to Off/Rest position: circuit breaker is open & resetO/Off
04Move toggle switch to I/On position: circuit breaker is closedI/On

Molded Case Circuit Breaker NSX is innovative, it incorporates monitoring and communication functions, from 40A upward, combined with impeccable protetion.

Exper Technology, a roto-active contact breaking principle provides limitation and endurance performance:

■Very high breaking capacity in a very small device;

■Exceptional fault current limitation for extended system life;

Reduced Installation Costs, achieve up to 30% savings:

■Total discrimination is ensured particularly in the case of miniature circuit breakers for considerable savings at the time of installation;

■Smaller devices mean more economical swtichboards for a significant impact on overall cost of installation, no need for over calibration;

New Breaking Capacities, new performance levels improve application targeting:

■25kA-Standard low short circuit level applications in service business;

■36kA-Standard applications such as industrial plants, buildings and hospitals;

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