MN Undervoltage Release

MN Undervoltage Release opens the circuit breakers when its supply voltage drops to a value below 35% of rated voltage Un.
●Undervoltage tripping: combined with an emergency-off button, provides fail-safe tripping;
●If the supply voltage is between 0.35 and 0.7 Un, opening is possible, but not guaranteed. Above 0.7 Un, opening does not take place;
●MN/UVR is continuously supplied if supply is interrupted: either voluntarily through loss of power or faulty wiring;
●The MN release provokes opening circuit breaker;
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Product Details

Features of MN Unvervoltage Release

■Energize control circuit, then turn circuit breaker On;

■De-energize control circuit;

■Circuit breaker shall trip;

■Coil resistance voltage can not be measured at accessory leads;

If accessory does not operate correctly, check wiring connection.

MN Undervoltage Release Technical Data

Power supply


50/60Hz: 24-48-100/130-200/240

50Hz: 380/415, 60Hz: 208/277



Operating threshold


0.35 to 0.7 Un


0.85 Un

Operating range

0.85 to 1.1 Un

Consumption, VA or W

Pick-up: 10, Hold: 5

Response time, ms


Side views of MN Undervoltage Release

views of mn.jpg