Easypact EZC Molded Case Circuit Breaker

Easypact EZC Molded Case Circuit Breaker is used as protection and management of low-voltage electrical installations with the following benefits:
●Panel builders: Economic and competitive solution bringing flexibility, ease of installation and total safety;
●OEMs: High endurance and maintenance free operation assure continuous performance of machines;
●Clients: Well balance of budget and quality, performance, reliability;
●Snap fitted accessories;
●Suitable for Easypact busbar system;
●The absence of leakage currents;
●Number of poles: 1P, 2P, 3P;

Product Details

Ambient temperature of Easypact EZC Molded Case Circuit Breaker

■It has been particularly designed to hold 100% In at 50℃ without tripping in normal condition;

■It may be used between -25℃ and +70℃;

■The permissible storage temperature of Easypact EZC in the original packing is -35℃ to +85℃;

Power supply of Easypact EZC Molded Case Circuit Breaker:

■It can be supplied from either the top or the bottom/reverse feeding without any reduction in performance, this capability facilities connection when installed in a swtichboard.

Degree of protection:

■As per standards IEC 60529 and EN 50102;

01.jpgStandardized characteristics indicated on the rating plate

Ui: Rated insulation voltage

Uimp: Rated impulse withstand voltage

Ue: Rated operational voltage

Icu: Ultimate breaking capacity, for various values of rated operational voltage Ue

Cat: Utilisation category

Ics: Service breaking capacity

In: Rated current

Symbol: Suitability for isolation

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