EZC Molded Case Circuit Breaker

EZC Molded Case Circuit Breaker

EZC Molded Case Circuit Breaker with fixed settings, rated from 63 to 400A, ideal for simple applications in small to medium-sized buildings with features:
●Rated current from 63 to 400A;
●Breaking capacity up to 35kA at 400/415V;
●1, 2, 3 and 4 pole versions;
●3 frame sizes;
●Thermal-magnetic for the entire range;
●Complete range of auxiliaries: rotary commands, auxiliaries, shunt trip, phase barrier, terminal cover, undervoltage trip;
●Built-in integrated earth-leakage protection (EZC 250 ELCB);
●Green Premium product;

Product Details

EZC Molded Case Circuit Breaker is used as protection of motor circuit involving a number of parameters that depend on.

■The application as type of machine driven, operating safety, starting frequency etc;

■The level of service continuity imposed by the load or the application;

■The application standards to ensure protection of life and property;

The necessary electrical functions are of very different natures.

■Short circuit protection;

■Overload protection dedicated for motor;

■Control as generally with high endurance levels;


Outer Dimension of EZC100