1 SD Auxiliary Contact

1 SD Auxiliary Contact indicates that the circuit breaker has tripped due to:
●An overload;
●A short circuit;
●Operation of a voltage release;
●Operation of the “Push to Trip” button;
●Dis-connection when the device is On;
The SD Auxiliary Contact returns to de-energized state when the circuit breaker is reset.
An early-make or early-break contact, in conjunction with a rotary handle, can be used to anticipate device opening or closing.
This auxiliary contact was designed and developed by Schneider in 2000.
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Product Details

1 SD Auxiliary Contact is used with Compact NS/NSX with the following features

■Signal contacts composition: 1NO/NC;

■Auxiliary contact type: Low level;

■Auxiliary contact operation: early-break & early make;

■Mounting mode: clip-on;

■Ith/Conversentional free air thermal current: 5A;

■Minimum load: 1mA at 4VDC;

■Warranty period: 18 months;

■Electrical equipment should be installed, operated, serviced and maintained only by qualified personnel;

■No responsibility is assumed by Teaton Electric for any consequences arising out of the use of this material;

01.jpg Seal package of Auxiliary Contacts