SH200 Interruttore

ABB Miniature Circuit Breaker with thermoplastic enclosure is newly deloped by our company with good outlooking, excellent quality and lowest cost as per IEC 60898, it has become our Flagship product ever since it came into international market.
It has three basic types according to different breaking capacities as 3.0kA, 4.5kA and 6.0kA as specifications of SH 201 T, SH 201 L and SH 201, which has offered wider choice range for circuit protection, write to us for more details right away, and we will be your reliable partner in the future.
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Product Details


Current limiting definitions

SH201 Miniature Circuit Breaker is UL tested and certified as current limiting protective device, and provides a high level of circuit protection than a typical zero point external breaker.

UL breaker current limiting

UL defines breaker current limiatation as a breaker that interrupts and isolates a fault in less than 1/2 of an AC cycle, 1/2 a cycle is completed in 8.3 miliseconds.

IEC 60947-2 current limiting circuit breaker

A circuit breaker with sufficiently short trip time to prevent short circuit from reaching the peak value which would other be reached.

SH200 Interruttore Mechanical Features


SH 200 T

SH 200 L

SH 200


Black sealable in On-Off position

Mechanical life


Electrical life


Protection degree





Mechanical shock resistance

30g/2 shocks/duration 11ms

Resistance to vibration according to IEC/EN 60660-2-6

5g/20 cycles at fre 5-150Hz

Tropical according to IEC/EN 60068-2

Humid heat


28 cycles with 55/95 to 100

Constant climatic conditions


23/28, 40/93, 55/20

Variable climatic conditions


25/95, 40/95

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