SH200 Interruptor

A range designed to ensure efficiency and protection
SH200 interruptor complies to IEC/EN 60898 and IEC/EN 60947-2 standards, allowing the usage for domestic, industrial and commercial applications from short circuit and overload:
●Typical breaking capacities: 3/4.5/6kA;
●Designated as SH200T/SH200L/SH200;
●Clear contact position indication in Red/Green, which means real "CPI";
●Unique, patented twin terminal with capative screws and an increased opening for cables up to maximum 35mm square, finer proof: IP20;
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Product Details

Thermal trip units definition

SH201 Miniature Circuit Breaker uses an electrocmechanical trip unit to open circuit breaker contacts during an overcurrent event, the thermal trip unit is temperature sensitive and the magnetic trip unit is current sensitive, both unis act independently and mechanically with circuit breaker trip mechanism to open its contacts.

Overload protection

Overload protection is applicable to any installation, conductor or component which can be subjected to low-magnitude but long-time overcurrents, which can be dangerous because they reduce the life of electrical installation, conductor and components and if left unchecked could result in fire.

Time required for the bimetal to bend and trip circuit breaker varies inversely with the current, because of this, the tripping time becomes quicker as current increases in magnitude.

Short circuit protection

The magnetic trip unit protects against a short circuit, and is composed of an electromagnet and an armature.

Components of a magnetic trip unit

When there is a short circuit, a high magnitude of current passes through the coils creating a magnetic field that attracts the movable armature towards the fixed armature, this happer trip is pushed against the movable contact and the contacts are open. The opening of the circuit breaker contacts during a short circuit is completed in 0.5 miliseconds.


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Side views of SH200 Interruptors