Compact Home Miniature Circuit Breaker

A range designed to ensure efficiency and protection
Compact Home Miniature Circuit Breaker is suited with a contact position indication on the toggle, you can easily identify if MCB is in the On or the Off position, so that easy and safe maintenance work is possible.
●Housing material: thermoplastic;
●Laser printing;
●Screwless terminals;
●IP 20, finger safe terminals;
●Approvals printed on dome;
●Suitable for AC and DC voltage;
●Average fixing ampere ratings from 6A to 63A;
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Product Details

Compact Home Miniature Circuit Breaker inner parts list

12.png01. Plastic operator

02. Operating mechanism

03. Trip lever

04. Electro-magnetic protection

05. Upper and lower terminals

06. Thermal protection bimetal

07. Arc chamber

08. Fixed and moving contacts

09. DIN rail holder

Thermal example02.png

The light draws more than 10A for an extended period of time creating a thermal overload.

Magnetic example03.png

The wire connected between the light and circuit breaker is cut and shorted to ground creating a short circuit.

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