iC60 Miniature Circuit Breaker

iC60 Miniature Circuit Breaker is multi-standard circuit breaker which combines the following functions:
●Suitable for industrial isolation according to IEC/EN 60947-2 standard;
●Circuit protection against short circuit current;
●Circuit protection against overload current;
●Fault tripping indication by a red mechanical indicator on front face ;
●Top or bottom electrical feeding;
●Remote indication by optional auxiliary contacts;
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Product Details


01: Insulated terminals IP20

02: Large circuit labelling area

03: Clip for dismounting

04: Visi-trip window, fault tripping is indicated by a red mechanical indicator on the front face

05: Positive contact indication, the presence of green strip guarantees phisical opening of contacts and allows operations to be performed on the downstream circuit in complete safety

06: Insulated terminals IP20

Compact size and weight

120g x Poles

Main characteristics accoding to IEC/EN 60647-2

UiUimpCategoryMagnetic tripping
500VAC6kVAB curveC curveD curve
4 In ± 20%8 In ± 20%12 In ± 20%

Side views and packing of iC60N Miniature Circuit Breaker

views and packing.jpg