C120 Miniature Circuit Breaker

C120 Miniature Circuit Breakers are used in buildings and industrial facilities, giving you the right solution with the right technical characteristics for every application, as new installation standards emerge or building requirements are modified, they can easily scale to meet your needs with the follow characteristics:
●Meets two certifications, Acti 9 MCBs comply with IEC/EN 60947 (Industrial) and IEC/EN 60898 (Tertiary) standards, two certifications in one product;
●Fault tripping indication by a red mechanical indicator in circuit breakers on front face;

Product Details

Feature of C120 Miniature Circuit Breaker

■Circuit protection against short circuit current and overload current;

Specification and Coding of C120N Miniature Circuit Breaker

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Side views of C120 Miniature Circuit Breaker

views of c120.jpg

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