PL6 Miniature Circuit Breaker

PL6 Miniature Circuit Breaker is originated from Eaton Company, it is divided into PL4 series, PL6 series and PL7 series according to different breaking capacities as 4.5kA, 6kA and 10kA.
The frame is made of thermo-plastic, it is popular in Eastern Europe countries such as Ukraine, Bulgaria etc, we developed this molds in 2010, and have got large sales.
●1 Pole/6-63A: 1.00USD/PC;
●2 Pole/6-63A: 2.00USD/PC;
●3 Pole/6-63A: 3.00USD/PC;
●4 Pole/6-63A: 4.00USD/PC;
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Side views of PL6 Miniature Circuit Breakers

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