Difference between miniature circuit breaker and molded case circuit breaker

- May 09, 2018-

1. Molded case circuit breakers can be connected to thicker wires, such as 35 square meters or more, and miniature circuit breakers are only suitable for wires less than 10 square meters.

2, the end of the molded case circuit breaker is connected with a nut, easy to compress, good contact, small circuit breaker uses a smaller compression terminal, and can only be tightened with a screwdriver, the torque is not enough, not easy to compact, the contact is not very good.

3. Molded case circuit breakers adopt over-current protection and short-circuit protection with two sets of protection devices respectively. The over-current protection action value can be adjusted manually. The miniature circuit breakers share a device for over-current and short-circuit, and the current is not adjustable.

4. Molded case circuit breakers have a large distance between them and arc extinguishing covers. They have a strong arc extinguishing ability, can withstand greater short-circuit currents, and are less likely to cause phase-to-phase short circuits and have a long life.

5. The sensitivity of miniature circuit breakers is higher than that of molded case circuit breakers.