Contactor Basic Knowledge

- May 03, 2018-

The contactor is divided into AC contactor (voltage AC) and DC contactor (voltage DC), which is applied to power, power distribution and power consumption. The contactor generally refers to the use of coils to generate a magnetic field by flowing current through industrial coils. The contacts are closed to achieve control of the load of the appliance.

In electrotechnics, because the AC and DC main loops can be quickly switched off and devices that can be frequently connected to high-current-controlled (up to 800 A) circuits are often used as motors for control purposes, they can also be used to control plant equipment. Electric load, working mother machine and various power units and other power loads, contactors can not only turn on and off the circuit, but also has a low voltage release protection, contactor control capacity, suitable for frequent operation and remote control, is automatic One of the important components in the control system.

The contactor is mainly used for industrial control, and the general load is mostly motor. Of course, there will be some heaters, dual power switching, and other occasions. The contactor is turned off by controlling the voltage of the coil. According to the different structure of arc extinguishing, it can be divided into vacuum contactor and common contactor. According to different control voltages, it can be divided into DC contactor and AC contactor. Its main accessories are auxiliary contacts.