LAD6K Mechanical Latching Block

LAD6K Mechanical Latching Block is used for LC1D range contactor, the purpose is to maintain the contactor closed without coil supply.
●Mounting location: Front side;
●Contron circuit voltage: 220/240VAC;
●Minimum pulse time required to unlatch the contactor: 100ms with AC coil/250ms with DC coil;
●Product weight: 70g;
2 options will be made to open the contactor:
●Release manually with the reset function of LAD6K;
●Send an electric pulse on A1/A2 input of LAD6K;

Product Details

LAD6K Mechanical Latching Block Drief Data

Clip-on mounting

Unlatching control

For use on contactors



Manuel or Electrical






What is the function of Mechanical Latching Block LAD6K used in LC1D range contactor?


You fit the Mechanical Latching Block LAD6K on LC1D contactor when you energies the contactor closed, at the same time LAD6K locks the contactor in closed postion;

When you realize the coils supply the contactor stay in closed position as LAD6K is latched in close position;

To open the contactor yuo will have two options:

1-Realease manually with the reset function on LAD6K;

2-Send an electric pulse on A1/A2 input of LAD6K;

Side views of LAD6K Mechanical Latching Blocks


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