Tesys Motor Circuit Breaker

Tesys Motor Circuit Breaker is only 45mm wide and is categorised according to its level of performance and functions: type of control, breaking capacity, motor protection and accessories;
●Manual and local control, when the motor circuit breaker is used on its own, automatic and remote control when combined with a contactor;
●Control by rocker level, connection by screw clamp terminals;
●Motor protection provided by thermal-magnetic device built into itself;
●The control for the open and enclosed motor circuit breaker can be locked in the "N/C" position using 3 padlocks;

Product Details

For motor protection and control

Tesys motor circuit breaker provides compact, reliable and efficient solutions for:


■Protection against short circuit and overload

■On-off manual control of motors from 0.06kW to 110kW

It is conforming to IEC/EN 60947-1, IEC/EN 60947-2, IEC/EN 60947-4-1

Tesys Motor Circuit Breaker basic function

■Short circuit protection (magnetic/thermal magnetic circuit breaker), it provides a protection of the installation against short circuit by an instantaneous trip of the circuit breaker, the tripping is obtained by means of a magnetic element incorporated in the motor circuit breaker, the magnetic tripping threshold is not adjustable, and is a fixed ratio of the maximum setting current In;

■Overload protection (thermal magnetic circuit breaker), it provides a protection of the motor against overload, 5 5% current increase over In will rise the temperature of the motor by 10 degree, and so divide its life expectancy by 2, this protection is obtained by means of a thermal element incorporated in the motor circuit breaker. An automatic compensation for ambient temperature variations is also provided, and the rated operational current of the motor is displayed by turning a guaranteed knob;

■Motor On/Off Control, the circuit breaker provides a local manual control of the motor when used on its own without contactor, the operation is possible by push buttons, toggle, or a single rotary handle;

■Contact position indication, because it is suitable for isolation, the circuit breakers, in the open position, provides an adequate isolation distance and indicates the accurate position of the moving contacts by the position of the operators;

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